Bingo! Mad Angles Chaat Masti, 72.5g Pack, Crunchy


Craving something chatpata? No need to walk down the street, just pop open a pack of Bingo! Mad Angles Chaat Masti. The authentic taste of desi chaat is added to the corn-based chips which gives a delicious combination of tangy tamarind, yoghurt and minty pudina. Take a bite of the yummy Mad Angles and the perfect triangles will give you an authentic flavour of the chaat and a satisfying crunch. Dig int the pack of this desi flavoured Mad Angles and satisfy your snack cravings anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re taking a study break, binge-watching with your partner or travelling back home from work. They are just incomplete without a bag of Bingo! Mad Angles by your side.


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