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    loose chana black- 1kg

    120.00 99.00

    An excellent and rich source of iron and proteins,  Kala Chana/Brown Chana is a wholesome and nutritious grain that is part of the Indian cuisine. It has a nutty flavour with a chewy bite and is the perfect ingredient for a variety of dishes. Wholesome, healthy and nutritious to keep your body healthy and fit. An excellent source of iron, folate, phosphorus and protein. Nutty texture and chewy flavour that gives an authentic taste to food. Ideal for cooking a variety of dishes.

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    Loose kabuli chana


    Kabuli chana is believed to be one of the earliest cultivated legumes. It is a small, hard, knobby, beige-coloured bean with a diameter of less than a centimetre. It looks kind of like a wrinkled hazelnut. Its nutty and creamy flavour, firm texture and minimal fat make it a versatile ingredient.

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    loose Super rajma chitra-1kg

    180.00 155.00

    A traditional delicacy from the farms of Punjab, Family Farm Chitra Rajma makes sure you can have the wholesome goodness of proteins. It is used in the preparation of lentil soups and simmered dishes. It goes well with both rice and rotis, and can also be used as a topping for salads. Packed with wholesome goodness of protein that keeps your body healthy and fit. It is used as topping in salads or is prepared as a curry that can be savoured with roti or rice.
    It is one of the most-used ingredients of the traditional Punjabi kitchen.

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    loose-peanuts -1 kg

    180.00 162.00
    • Peanuts are sorted to deliver consistency in quality
    • No artificial flavours. No preservatives
    • Net weight: 1Kg
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    Red rajma (red kidney beans)


    Rājmā or Rāzmā is a vegetarian dish, originating from the Indian subcontinent, consisting of red kidney beans in a thick gravy with many Indian whole spices, and is usually served with rice. …

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    Ruchi Nutrela Soya Chunks 200 g

    45.00 43.10
    Intake of soya protein daily lowers cholesterol levels, preventing heart diseases. Nutrella is a 100% vegetarian soya food brand that is nutritious and easy to prepare. It is beneficial for controling hypertension and blood pressure, promotes bone health and also It’s high proteins helps children remain fit, healthy and energetic throughout the day.
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    Ruchi Nutrela Soya Granules 200 g

    45.00 44.90
    • Rich in protein
    • Healthy for heart
    • 99 percent fat free
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    White sabudana-1kg


    It is required to first soak the sabudana pearls in water before cooking, for it to rehydrate, when it swells up to almost double its size. Once the pearls are well-drained and pat dry, they are then stir-fried with other ingredients and spices to make the popular sabudana khichdi. There are of course certain tricks involved in cooking sabudana perfectly, or else you will end up with leathery and very chewy pearls. A practice that is followed by some home chefs is to also soak the pearls in curd or dahi for a few hours before making the khichdi. This is said to prevent the pearls from becoming sticky and chewy during the cooking process.

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    Whole Jowar


    Sorghum popularly known as jowar is the most important food and fodder crop of dry land agriculture. The cereal crop is perennial in nature and possessing corn like leaves and bearing the grain in a compact cluster. Sorghum is the fifth most important cereal crop in the world after wheat, rice, maize and barley.